Andaaz e Bayaan: #6. Koii tasveer laazmi si hai


*Urdu Version*

Koii tasveer Laazmi si haii
Koii gumnaam zindagii si haii

Tujhko dekhe bina sukuu.n mumkin nahii.n
Logo.n ke milne mei.n kuchh kamii si haii

Harr taraf tum nazar hi aate ho
Aaine ko bhi mujhse dushmanii si haii

Sabr paana agar munaasib tha
Zehen o Dil mein kyun aatishi si haii

Hoon main mushtaaq apni chaahat pe
Teri palkon mein kyun ek namee si haii

Kaun jeeta haii khudkushii ke liye
La-dawaa marz ki aarzuu si haii

Hosh aaya nahii.n mujhe ab tak
Aab e ghum mei.n kaisi maikashii si haii

Teri khushbuu bhi haii ab sath mere
Mujhko khwaabo.n se dosti si haii

Tere hone se haii wajood mera
Ye nishaani loh e mahfooz si haii

*English Translation*

A portrait of yours is necessary, O my wife
Without you it seems like an unknown life

Without seeing you I won’t find peace
Meeting people has flaws in breeze

You appear to me in everything I see
The mirror has also revolted against me

If being patient was ravishingly enough
Why the heart and mind burn on the turf

I long and desire for the love I owed
Why your eyelashes were wet when bowed

Who lives to suicide to their will
Love’s a disease of no cure or pill

I gained not my senses back
Tears act like wine to smack

Your scent accompanies me everywhere
Dreams have become my friends to pair

You existence is a proof of mine too
This sign is written on sacred pillars


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