Feels of My Independence


As a little kid, I knew Independence Day as participating in an event in any cultural programme at school. I would put on the well varnished white attires that I had especially prepared from about a week ago or so only for this day; and an Indian flag badge just at the helm of where my heart dwells.
I would gradually go to the market a couple of days before and buy a well-stratified flag that then cost just a single rupee. I would bring them home with utmost care and place it between books to keep it intact.

And as I would sit near the window seat of my school bus only to sneak it out just a little to watch it fly high dignified in honour. The feeling and the noise of that stuttering flag was beyond incomparable to my innocence at that age.

But, things are so strange now.
And things are so much changed now.

Now, after years of growing up in this country, I realized what it takes to be an Indian National.

I have known that unless you say slogans like “Bharat Mata ki Jai“, the patriotism or the nationalism within your heart is doubtful and at the brim of being disdained.

Poor child with Indian Flag running with joy

@pic credits: google images

Some times I wonder, “Is shouting ‘Bharat Mata ki Jai‘ all that is needed to prove my loyalty to my country?

If this land is said to be a mother, why do people even dare to spit on their mother. Why do people throw garbage and wastes on their mother? Why people’s excreta is dumped beneath their mother?

Are these not disrespect?
And the strangest of all things is that people even support such non-sense.

If it is really their mother, then why do people corrupt their mother country and have Swiss accounts against their names? Why do the political leaders watch porn while sitting in the parliament where they took their oath to serve their mother nation?
The land is our mother and we must respect her.
Cow is our mother and we must respect her.
But, the real mother and father, those who gave us birth, those who helped us grow up, are withered and treated like beggars or workers in their own houses or are dump away at old age homes.



Don’t we need to reconsider?
Is saying only enough and doing means nothing?

Do we not posses duties that we are ascertain of when we say ‘I love my India‘?

I am ready to shout this slogan if it means everything to prove my love for my nation. But, then, I would also want my mother nation to be treated like a mother. 

And do we really know the status of a mother?

I guess we need to switch to Islam to know the real meaning of a mother.

Allah has placed Jannah under a mother’s feet.
The Jannah, the Swarg that no would deny going to and trying their every might to reach. The purpose of our living is to reach there.
And just see where Allah has placed it. Just wonder about the status of a mother.

The truth is:

The principles of Islam has placed the duty of being loyal and truthful towards the country any Muslim lives in at such a high priority that it will always and in anyways be greater than the duty a non-Muslim of that nation can ever fulfil.

And when I say, duties, then I really mean it. It’s the responsibilities that create the real purpose, the real cause.

But, now when I look around I see so many different things, or may be I see things differently. Whatsoever…

  • We live in a country where girls are beaten up to cover their bodies and actresses are paid and awarded to reveal their bodies.
  • We live in a country where people reach out to slit throat a person when one speaks ill of Indian culture and the same people are wary and desirous of the Western culture.
  • We live in a country where a man is beaten to death for eating meat doubtful of being it of Beef’s meat?
  • We live in a country where eating beef is an act of terrorism while raping a woman is not. A beef eater is killed on the spot, at his own home, and chargesheet and actions are probed against his family members. While a rapist is taken into proper custody, with proper counselling, and highly facilitated prisons and their family members are asked for nothing. Why ain’t they asked? Why ain’t they asked about how they brought up their children? Why ain’t they blamed for their children watching porn movies?

Of course watching porn has been one of the main reasons of frequent rapes in India. And women wearing short attires ignite that spark and make it an easier task for such cunts.

Or why on earth would a sixty year old man rape a five-year old girl? Ever wondered how his hormones raised above par.

I am not saying much upon *rape* or *porn* because that would take long as I have much to say upon that topic. So, I let that for my next post.

And how strange of us to even think of women being respected in a country where a child starts watching porn at the age of 10 or so. 

But, Muslims are terrorists.
And, Muslims must go to Pakistan
Indian Leaders

Muslim child with Indian Flag

@pic credits: google images

But, who do we, as Muslims, have to prove our loyalty to?  To people? 

I wish I be alive until that day when the real fight comes. The day when we would have to prove our love and loyalty to our nation and we will see where the cues of Muslim community stand and where the others’ stand.

No. It is to Allah alone.

And even if it was to people who we have to prove our patriotism to, then will it make anyone more patriotic or less anti-national if people approved or disapproved?

A very dear friend of mine and me, and a few other class mates were having a discussing upon the growing intolerance in India.
He asked me straight away,
Have you ever felt intolerance while living in this country?”

I said, “Yes. Just now. You asking me this question is what intolerance is.”

I mean, there are good people and then, there are the bad ones. But, unfortunately the bad ones are more.

But, why on earth this ‘intolerance‘ thing has raised the bar. It should not be existing at the first place instead. And if it exists at first place, then it’s as easy to declare intolerance in India as you’d like to call it.

And here was my last statement that kept everyone else shut, including me for sure. Because, here ended the discussion.

I said,

In the end, all you are gonna get is some 8 feet land to rest. Stop wasting time in thinking about whom to throw out of this country and whom not to. Such a small is the duration of your lifetime. So, make it count by living and dying. 

To Him we belong, and to Him is our Return.
-The Quran

Yet, I am so much terrorized by the facts and news of functional negligence to Muslim community that before writing this post about my country, India, I was all the while wondering if society will ever accept this truth about an Indian Muslim loving his/her can ever be possible or not.

Yes, I feel like a traitor when I doubt my love for the country.

I am still appalled to even conclude if I really love my country, India, with all my heart, or it’s just that I’m trying to prove to people that I do.

But, I really wish that things were same as before.

As a small little kid, with a small little Indian flag in his hand, doing all his might to protect that paper flag all the way from home to school and then back to home.

Happy Independence Day! 



14 thoughts on “Feels of My Independence

Add yours

    1. I know Ma’am. I surely know.
      But, I won’t deny ‘shouting to prove our love towards our nation’ completely.
      My point is: “If it is required, then why only we have to do it. Why not every one?”
      Being born as an Indian doesn’t make anyone more patriotic or an less. It’s our efforts that would describe the truth which the heart beholds. 🙂


  1. Your post was so beautiful. And i really appreciate how you used this platform and this day as an opportunity to actually raise awareness about this issues in your country…
    Cause personally I didn’t blog about the Pakistani Independence Day either since I’m not a blind patriot. I’m too aware and depressed by real problems that people love to sweep under the rug and pretend that they don’t exist… I’d wanted to make a post raising all those issues, but it’s so exhausting to even think about… I don’t ever understand where to begin… The interracial differences, the filthy streets, or the disrespect of women, or the fact that everyone seems to idolize the west instead of their own culture… The fact that they claim to be proud Pakistanis but keep forgetting that the reason Pakistan was made was Islam… How funny it is that they’ve tossed their religion away to pursue unlawful and disgusting things… For how long will they deny that they are in fact no different from non Muslim countries…
    I think as Muslims we all have problems that we face as an ummah no matter what country you belong too… I mean talk about intolerance… You must be very mistaken if you think that the general population of Pakistan is tolerant towards religious people… Cause really they’re not…
    There are so many issues that need to be raised… So many problems that need to be solved… And let’s not forget the issue in Kashmir… While India and Pakistan are busy celebrating their Independence Day, Kashmiris are busy trying to live under oppressive conditions…
    That really makes me wonder… Is this what Independence is?
    May God actually have mercy on us…

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you so much Hiba and for reading it too.
      I have bee trying to raise social issues and even political ones too since a long time.
      But, I too did not know where to start from.
      So, I recollected my spirit for once and I hope I will be doing a lot more in this.
      And it’s really startling me to witness condition for the country it has become.
      I wonder how do people talk about being independent when they don’t even know what to do with it. Right?
      Like, people want independent from being religious. Then what else? What else do people want of they deny Allah at first place?
      These are the stuffs people need to think about or they’ll remain educated illiterate throughout their life.
      Saddening. And frustrating.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is.
        Frustrating indeed…
        I wish people would stop being blind Patriots and would actually reflect over the things they see around them…
        It’ll make them do better things for their country…
        But they’ll never improve if they keep believing that it’s perfect. They gotta see the imperfections and not deny then or sweep them under the rug and pretend they don’t exist. But in stead discuss them and raise awareness.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Indeed.
          But, do you not think if people were that sensible, then they would surpass animals, the social being they feel competent towards?
          Anyways. I’ll still repeat the same lines that I always do.
          “This world is never going to be a better place to live in.”
          Now I add: “People can be.”
          So, there must a hunt to find good people and even those who want to be good.
          On a good platform. With proper awareness.
          What say?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Saiz, firstly it was amazing! Its the sad reality of our country. I don’t understand how shouting out slogans and not eating beef proves loyality to nation and nationalism! Hindustan doesn’t mean hinduo ka desh but it means Hindustanio ka desh, we all are Hindustanis! Does my being hindu or your being muslim change this? No we all are one. The concept of nationalism can’t change until and unless we have freedom to speak and express. But i guess you know the current state of freedom of speech. We youth need to rise up and fight back for this country is our’s, our mother and she needs us. The journey is difficult but not impossible to complete, if we are united. Your love for country is no less then mine, we all are one nation, one constitution, one flag, one national anthem, one people. Jai Hind!
            A thought provoking post, loved it.xx

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I understand Ujala.
              I hope everyone of us understands his/her part eventually to relish an ever expanding joy for our descendents.
              Jai Hind! 🙂
              And thanks for believing in me.

              Liked by 1 person

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