Feels of My Feelings

star people

“She is fire. And her incense is fierce.”

Sometimes, I wonder what if I wasn’t alive. I was afraid and she gave me a reason.
I have been a victim of my own expectations though.

Sometimes you need to just drain out all the possible flaws and wait for good things to follow.
Sometimes the faith that you install within, needs to be striking away the fear away from the virtues of the virtual form.
And I had always loved the words that did not come with a full stop.

People fall in love. And I am no different. The only distinguishing factor that exalts my being is: ‘With whom?’ And as I have entered the phase of being an adult to self-dependent to being a husband, I feature to sort out the things that needs to be a part of my life.
Why? Because I am in love with my future wife already.

My journey of marriage A new series of my beginning is coming up. I’ll share my secrets and how things got through.

I don’t know how people count trusting every other person that enters their life as their weakness. I have this miniature love for every other person that had ever walked into my life. ‘Cos they either gave me a lesson to contemplate or a reason to believe why I should not believe them. But, unlike people, I made sure they kept walking so that one day they would walk out of my life too.

We are late to feel.
We are always a little too late.

But, enough of that in my life now. I am a little too happy now. I feel shy to think about her even. At least I feel assured about my life. I know where I am heading towards. I know my plans. And it’s not because of the inflicting differences or the awaiting until marriage.
But, that my words have a savage and a voyage now. My words have found the purpose.
And I feel really relieved to not be in any kind of dilemma about how long my incest would burn me. And I know where exactly my words are to be valued as how I always wanted.

Now, the world will witness how do marriages work out at first place. My poetry, be it either Urdu or English, will speak volumes for me.
And for all those people who believe my time of writing is over and that I am running out of ideas now, must keep a check on my testimonials from now on, because that’s where the truth is gonna be poised.
Because it’s personal now.

And in the end, we just refuse to accept and believe even the most obvious.


15 thoughts on “Feels of My Feelings

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  1. Your writings make me happy . I feel really good reading them . Thank you for the big smile this post put on my face . Looking ahead with much excitement . Good luck. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And its responses like these that make my heart smile back. 😊
      Jazak Allah khair for the lovely appreciation. I assure you to keep doing what I am doing, In Sha Allah.
      It truly means a lot.
      Hope to see you around.
      All the very best to you too.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Salaam ukhti
      Really, a long time yeah.
      I’m still the same Saiz, so why would my posts not be loved? 😉
      And all my posts are personal I suppose. 😛

      I’m good Al’hamdulil’laah
      How have you been?
      Stopped writing? ya abhi haalaat na’saaz hain?

      Liked by 1 person

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