Meanwhile in Syria…

This might break some people’s hearts.
This might wrench some people’s emotions.
But, at the same time some people will remain lifeless and go on boasting about being humans and their human rights.
Pathetic, this world.

Sincerely Sadia.

Recently, many regions of Syria (Aleppo in particular) have been subjected to mass airstrikes and bombing- a furious war between extremists, rebels and Western interveners claiming to be carrying out their innate responsibility of “defending democracy”. Caught between the crossfire are little children who once lead ordinary lives, going to school, talking about superheroes and princesses, and living the boundless, colourful lives that children are supposed to live. 

A lot can change in a few years. Whereas before, the children of Syria went about their daily lives very much like the children of Britain or America, their state of being today is a whole different story. Countless documentary-makers, journalists and photographers have sought to capture the daily plight of Syrian children in photographs and films, and although these productions give us a glimpse of their struggles, we can never truly understand what these children are being forced to endure on a daily basis.


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      1. Hmm. That should obviously be done. Sometimes people are speechless, they only show their expressions. If you feel someone else’s pain, you’re on the right track. Some people know that other’s are suffering, they even talk about bringing a change, but they don’t feel their pain. Even if you can’t do anything for others, you can cry for them.. And that’s the weakest of faith. It’s true that crying before people don’t change anything, some people are stone-hearted.


        1. Oh. You just reminded of that beautiful Hadith that speaks about the three stages of Imaan. Right?
          But, how long are we going to settle with the weakest of the faith. Why can’t we raise the bar?

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          1. Hmm you’re right. Do raise the bar, but be prepared to face the consequences as well. It’s not that easy as it seems. When you’re doing something right, unfortunately a few people support you, and when you’re on a wrong path, you’ve millions to join you. But it doesn’t mean that one should always remain quiet against wrong. Nobody can undo war, injustice, immorality all at once. It is done in steps. And the first step is teaching yourself what is right and wrong, and then teaching those who are around you the same. And then they will teach others. The cycle will continue. How can one fight against those, who are never willing to accept that they are wrong in the first place? If they acknowledged it, then why would they be killing innocent.


            1. That’s exactly what I wanted to say.
              A change starts from within.
              But, the point is who will change those who don’t want to change on their own?
              Who will pull them out of their hard fought battles?
              Who knows what battles each human is fighting everyday?
              We can’t keep on perfecting ourselves and then look our for others.
              Changing is a continuous process.
              We can’t stop at some point just because we thought we perfected in it.
              And the only way to keep moving is to help people moving along with you.

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              1. That’s extremely hard. Some will change with time and guidance but some won’t. No matter how hard you try to change some people, they don’t change until Allah changes their hearts. So, for these some you can guide them but prayer for them is necessary. A prayer to soften their hearts and guidance. 🙂 It was a nice discussion…


                1. Yes, you are absolutely right. But, it is not always that way.
                  Because we must focus upon the one who wants to change, and not on the millions who don’t want to.
                  If you live by numbers then numbers are never ending, because ‘1’ will always create a difference.
                  It was nice having discussion on things that matter.
                  May be I’ll sum it up and post it as a blog sometime soon.
                  Thank you for being patient with me.
                  As’salaamu_alaikum 🙂

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  1. It’s terrifying and disturbing on so many levels. Who thinks so brutally? How is humanity so cold blooded? How on earth can you be happy with all the power you gained knowing you did it with so many lives lost and such loss of absolutely everything?
    It’s sad. And the worst thing is we sit and watch, agonising over how we seem to be of no help.

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    1. Sometimes I wonder why it is happening what’s happening.
      And then I conclude, its because we left the path of Allah.
      I might be wrong, but somewhere I still can’t deny the fact that because of my individual sins, my surrounding will never be pious ever.
      Hope to see you around.
      Have a nice time.

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  2. It’s heartbreaking to see the lives of such innocent pure young children wrought, brought crashing down and for what crime?! Nothing…
    I recall watching a documentary with my younger brother where the Syrian kids where describing the air strikes that occur, my brother teared up. It’s heartbreaking to see such things 😔


    1. But, more than that
      ‘things are not very good in our own hearts’. I suppose.
      I believe if we spent those crores of rupees in proper education with human values and counselling for the poors, instead of building highly classified prisons for wrong doers, things would have been a lot different than what we see in our backyards.
      What say?

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      1. Instilling values starts at home but Somehow we are failing to do so…prisons have been reduced to a joke…money can buy the escape routes easily…but they are important too…a little honest and positive attitude is what we need most…the efforts are there but getting masked by the negative and unnecessary things…We can make a difference I believe…


        1. But, who is to blame.
          Parents? For not looking after their children and taking proper care.
          Or the children? For not comprehending what their parents want them to?
          Parents are parents. Most of them will support their children in front of others even if they did something wrong.
          And parents are human too. They ain’t God.

          As per as negativity is concerned, nothing can devour it except positivity.


    1. But, why do we have to sow ‘the untrue’ at first place?
      Why is it that we say “humanity” is the greatest religion and not comprehend it?
      Or we sit lifeless here and do nothing about it?
      Does every individual not hold a responsibility of being alive in this world at this point of time?

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