Secrets of My Diary: #31 Kindness matters

There are two lives that we live within our own body:
one that expresses our goodness to ourselves alone;
and the other that compels us to express our goodness to people.

The former is something that we fail to amplify most of the times because we so much feel low about ourselves that we desire for people’s feedbacks for our personal self.
The latter in turn, rides on expectations disguised merely to heartbreaks.

What we fail to stratify is the consequence of it on our hearts and minds. We are taken to a place of devouring contingency abashed by our own self and all our lives we keep on blaming others for our ruthless conditions.

And unfortunately people’s remarks are what make us ambient to our purposes of life while a lot of people generally don’t have one.

We are in control of how we feel. We can stop from taking the wrong path. Its so easy and all that it takes is: one step, towards the right path.
Because choosing between right and wrong is not that difficult, but walking back the wrong path to the starting point is what is more difficult.

Be kind to yourself.


13 thoughts on “Secrets of My Diary: #31 Kindness matters

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      1. If these things are not taught early in life, it results in disappointment and lack of satisfaction, sometimes becoming worst phase of his life. Then only he himself has to get out of this phase by self learning 🙂

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    1. That’s true. That’s exactly what I was trying to recall from what all I had forgotten.
      But, another truth is that sometimes we even forget about forgetting the required.

      Its nice to see your first comment at last. Thank you for being kind. 😊

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