Secrets of My Diary: #35. I dream of Love

I dreamt of love in secrets of my lost diary.I dreamt of love in secrets of my lost diary.

Momentarily. He was disavowed of his capabilities. Memorably.

But, the trauma instilled a fear beyond trajectories not only in his brain, but in his heart too.

The scars were not visible to anyone but, HIM.

And the only choice left for him was to live on rags and scraps.

But, he never complained. And to no one he explained.

Because he lived not for the worldly affairs.

He survived those shocks to see his world in theirs.

He knew he had nothing down under his feet, but he made a heart purely definitive of Love.

He knew love while he saw hatred among the riches.

He knew hearts can heal while he wore clothes with stitches.

And moreover, he knew he was not meant to be in this world.

Because he believed he was_”LOVE“.


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  1. Thanks for following my blog, I am now following yours. I would like to read more of your works, but it’s going to take awhile. I like you style, it says so much, and is so intense. t sounds like you are bearing your soul. I was really moved

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      1. Thanks Saiz, I appreciate that. I like to read things from people of different cultures. I think it helps us understand each other more and let’s us gain a better perspective.

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