Part 2-3 Days 3 Quote- Day 1

Greetings to Zehera Owais of Hubbhalal for nominating me. I was nominated by some more people long back in time, and unfortunately I don’t remember their names. So, sorry about it.

Here’s the link to the last time I did this 3 Days-3 Quote challenge for Day-1. There are some very extra-ordinary quotes that you must want to see. Do check it out.

Now getting back to the present time.
A brief description of how to take up the quotes challenge.

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Post three quotes for three days.
  3. Nominate three bloggers per day.
  4. Inform the nominees.

Quote 1

There is a thing about this Quote that only a Muslim and an honest soul can understand.
This isn’t a quote but, a Dua(prayer) which was made to Allah by Prophet Muhammad Sal’lal’lahu_alaihi_wa’sal’lam. There is an utmost depth in this prayer.

This is a prayer Prophet Muhammad(SAWS) used to ask Allah.

Quote 2

I wrote this one. Fortunately. Let’s presume it’s just a thought of a 21 year old written a year ago after he decided to change his life on a daily basis.

The heart is in complete control of where the life is heading towards.

Quote 3

This is kind of rude for people with a harsh mind. But, I wrote it with a bit of sarcasm in it. So, if next time someone points at your flaws, quote them the below. It’ll scare them for real.

Expecting someone to be perfect means losing them.
Expecting someone to be perfect means losing them.

It’s hard to choose who to tag.
So, I’ll tag a few of my new followers to help them get recognition here.

1. Accidental Learnings
2. Maysa Rose

3. Abdul Afeef

Feedback are welcome about the quotes.
Criticism or Appreciation?
You decide. Because both matters to me.

See you tomorrow. Thank you for your time.


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      1. Above the mark! You are the author of the last two quotes MashaAllah and the first one is what every Muslim prays for I guess!


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