Story of a Poet: #47. The Inevitable Curse

So, let’s rejoice once again. This poem is a gift from me to a very dear junior of mine. He wrote the starting of this poem and wrote it well enough. He is a pretty good writer even.
Yash_”The Inevitable”. That’s what he calls himself. You can follow his writeups at his Instagram handle. Here. “The Inevitable”

I knew from her eyes.
And all her lies.
Or did I?
I don’t know about my
And neither did she.

She held her feelings too close to her bosom.
Never revealing through her eyes blossom
Or maybe I just couldn’t read it.
How could I do it?

Her eyes had a thousand emotions.
And tens and thousands of stories with motions

I wanted to know.
I wanted her to show
Maybe it’s just all in my head.
From the moment I saw her on my bed

Maybe it’s just me.
Maybe it’s Destiny.

Or maybe for once her soul and mine’s presence
Touched each other’s essence
Out in a field of retribution
Beyond the distant horizons
Where the Lord of heavens gathered us all
But, I fail to recognize how it always felt like

Now that she’s gone
Now that I’m all alone
It’s all between me and my Lord
To set out right all broken chords
Because my heart and yours
And all of my eyes’ downpours
Are all in His clutches
And He knows down our patches
There’s no one who can make you mine
Except when I strive to ask your time

So, Darling, let’s set this outta straight
I’m going to heaven and then await
Or even if I don’t get in there
I’ll ask not and see your absence fare

From my mind
From my heart 

I’ll forget myself and depart.



And this is what
he said about
what I wrote for him.
I was really worried
about how he would react.
Because that’s the thing
about writers,
it’s not an easy thing to
impress them. 😛

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