Two years on WordPress!

Yes, you got it right. Spot on. I survived for two prolonged years on WordPress.

You heard me, right?
And you heard me right!

Let’s get started with a Thank You as per the regulations say. A “Thank ย You” note from the bottom of my heart to every soul that has ever read even a word of me. I honestly respect you for bearing and being with me all this long.

I would be really glad if I could mention all those names who have personally reviewed or commented on my blogs.
But, you have really nothing to do with all those. So, I won’t take much of your time. Right? Right it is then!

Honestly speaking, before writing this post I had made up my mind that this would be my last blog post and I’d bury this blog to an entirety.

But, as I progressed with paragraphs after paragraphs, I was stuck with the thought that there’s a lot more to be poured out of my mind and heart, for the world to witness.

I always craved for.three facts to writing that never stopped me from doing it:

  1. Writing is what angels do to whatever we do or think in each of the smallest of moments in our lives.
  2. Writing is what Prophet Muhammad did to Quran that has been creating differences in over 2 billion lives for over 1400 years now.
  3. And moreover, writing is what Allah has done to our Fate. Each moment, each breath.

So, how can writing be ordinary ever?

See, I totally understand that this thought would have never crossed your mind and heart, and at no point of time in this world, and at least not in this manner.

And there were a lot of other things I never said.

“When people talk about advancement of the world, their assortment is solely linked with that of the advancement of a nation. And when you look around the globe, the most prominent use of technology is mostly inflicted by nations against each other.”

I never said it. But, it’s all lingering in my brain.

Like, I never answered the question,

“Why Islam? Why not any other?”

I never said, “Islam compels and forces me to do the right and make others do the right thing and be of the righteous. Islam forces me to stay away from the evil deeds and stop others from doing it too.”

Allah orders us to do so. Or else He says He shall punish us for not doing these things in life. That’show important being a noble human being is to Allah.

But, what’s so strange about it? Right?

I had never seen in my a person of different religion than Islam going to a stranger of the same religion and telling him that we should be nice to people, be worthy human beings, stay away from sins.

If these things are not true as mentioned,

Then why hasn’t any other writer or blogger said the words of wisdom till date that overpowers or even matches any single verse of Quran?

Because Quran and Islam is not just a book and a code of conduct. It’s a way of living.

And just because your way of living accumulates in it activities like,

    • “walking on the streets with bare breasts exposing it for others to see and telling them not to look at you and be a man because this is what takes your feminism to a decree and this is what empowerment means to you, and moreover this is how you are comfortable with”,


  • “walking on the streets checking out every girl, and her figure, her curves, and her exposed body parts and making up in your mind that she’s asking for it, instead of minding your own business and taking your manhood to an extreme level of respect for women for that’s exactly where you came from”,

Then, covering one’s body with hijab, or niqab, or abaya; and one’s body shape and face with loose attires and beard, can also be a part of one’s style of living.
And this very style of living is called “Sunnah” of Prophet Muhammad Sal’lal’lahu_alaihi_wa’sal’lam.
This is how he lived and taught his companions to live. And after they embraced this kind of living is when Allah gave them successes in this world and the world Hereafter.

I always had these things in my mind. I always wanted to write. Always. But, just not now.

And this assures that I am going to write and write and write until when every stroke of my pen or the keypad asks my permission to heal the pain within my fingers until I change my life and any single others’ along the way.

And for that to happen, I first have to reach a place where people would listen from.

So, I promise you today, years from now, I won’t be signing my books to gain affection from people, I would write a personal note to every single soul I’d touch with my book and I’ll raise them above the matters of life and death.



Here's the proof of completing two years on WordPress
Here’s the proof of completing two years on WordPress

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  1. Its always great to see new and extraordinary perspectives on daily ordinary things. I’d never thought about writing in this manner. Thanks for bringing it up, and so perfectly. Keep on shining, human.


  2. Those three facts are so profound subhan Allah โค how can writing be ordinary? You are spot on, it is anything but ๐Ÿ˜Š. Congrats on your two year blogiversary

    Liked by 1 person

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