Story of a Poet: #50 I could not love you

A half century of English poetry here at my blog. Uff…*sighed*

With every blot of ink outraged an enormous amount of passion for reinforcing in me a will to write. To write about all those things that I know I could have said to people. Some people. But, I did not.
Not because it never mattered to them. But, because it did to me. And that is all was necessary to me.

I was there
Almost there
From a stranger
Among the crowd to
Closest one could ever be
To you and your heart

But, like a flame
I was diminished
By your reciprocating misfortunes
By your fears
I was lost
But, that wasn’t a thing to last

I never said
What I wanted to
To become that for you
How you wanted to

But, somewhere I lost you
And there was nothing I could do

I couldn’t find what’s true

I could not love you poetry by Saiz
I could not love you just enough!

Emotions behind your lies
And the pain in your silent cries
And that’s the lone regret
I have in this world
That I could not love you
The way I wanted to

But, then
How long does the feeling last?
And how far can we go in the past?
I know not.
I know not.



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