Feels of My Demons

My demons revolted against my soul's feelings.
My demons revolted against my soul’s feelings.

Like a Raconteur, I was belittled and baffled by my misfortunes to my demons hurling and gazing at my foregoes every damn time. I burnt like an anthracite. Slowly and intensely.
What are you waiting for? Come with us“, they asked in a thunderous disturbance.

“Death”, I uttered in a ruptured voice. And I could not bear the pain of jolting down with a blunt striking end to all those people I thought were mine.
I was missing someone but, I did not know who. I was restless. Relentlessly, I bellowed with all my might for someone to stop by my grave and ask,
Why so serious?

The vastness and emptiness of the barren land of misinterpretations hasted. And I knew there was no one who could hear me, but for the dead.

You ain’t getting out of it“, a voice erupted out of the gray.

I saw a hope of some kind, but I knew this wasn’t ending up well. Three large forces with twisted white cloaks covering their almost hollow spaces emerged out of nowhere. There was so little of the space in the grave and there was not even any dirt over their attires. I was appalled by what was going to happen in the next few moments.

Stop thinking those foolish thoughts of yours. They are disturbing us“, they blasted as soon as I was finished thinking.

What? Do you guys live in my head? How did you know everything?“, I asked knowing I won’t have any answers whatsoever.

“We lived over your shoulders once. And we have a blatant idea about all that you are up to. So just stop this non-sensical activity of yours and just stay where you are.”

Before I could even sway my thought to the other way round, a voice arose from one of those men which said_
“Who is your Lord?”

I knew they were playing with my head. But, all this was already prophesied. Those angels, those questions and those thumping voices too.

I was frightened. Terribly, horribly frightened. I could not feel my soul. I was lurking down at my demons since ages. For there was nothing I could do but, silently cry over the misconstrued lies my demons pounded my heart and my brain within all those years of illegitimate living a life so splendiferous and precious to my Lord.


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