Story of a Poet: #12. ~A Friendship to Treasure-The Trio of Us~


A new day
A new life
That will stay
With no strife.

An eternal joy
For the same old boy
I wish you and a lot I pray
‘Cause its your day.

From the same old friend
For the friendship that’ll never end.
A smile that stays forever
I wish you success hereafter

You are still my best friend from the past
We’ll get back to the old very fast
If someday we join as ever
I know the bond that we share will last forever.

I still remember the day we met
We’re so high to greet each other I bet
Always opting the first bench
Always relying on each other for lunch.

Chosen were the places where we sat and stood
Proven were the facts of why only we could
Speeding up our moves is what we loved
A show-off or no matter what they called.

It’s true we never cared
About what others murmured.
It’s true we were too busy
Neglecting them for us was always easy.

I still remember how we compared each other
And never spared the weaknesses
Somewhere we knew who really of us was better
But eventually there were no differences.

Speeding up on roads were the days of glory.
Insulting each other is the sweetest memory.

I loved how we never had disputes
Bouncing back so fast erasing all irrelevant tributes
Of us laughing louder and louder
Walking forth in a fixed order.

I miss the thought of having only one
The one I knew will never be gone
Creating smiles and annoying again
When we knew, to depart, will be a tough stain.

The planned meetings rejuvenating the past
Feeling proud of the laughter at the last

But the thought of always being there
Will stay with me like one who can never care
Enough to make me laugh all the time
Enough to take me down all the time
Enough to declare you a better person
Enough to help me against frequent oppression.

Now I knew nobody can be like you
The best of the friends and no one knew.
People like you are only a few
Lucky I am that one I knew.

I miss those fearless days
When we had a lot of other ways
To enjoy and to rejoice
And to sing in class with a loud voice.

I miss those days when we walked along.
Beyond the pathways,
Being however long.


 ‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

5 thoughts on “Story of a Poet: #12. ~A Friendship to Treasure-The Trio of Us~

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    1. Ahah…thanks so much dear. Wrote it for a very close friend upon his birthday. I enjoy writing poems like these.
      Thanks for never missing my post. You’ve been really kind. From day 1 I suppose. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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