A Poem for ‘The Batman’ fans!

When you hear the name ‘Batman‘, what’s the first thing that strikes your mind?

‘The Movie’? Gawd. That’s nice but, you got to understand what I’m trying to ask.

Intelligence? Yeah, to some.

But, to me, it’s the whole world of selflessness. It’s rare. Very, very rare in today’s world. That’s why. I like rare things. See, the reason why I don’t like you. Hah. *No offence*

And that’s the greatest lesson Batman has taught us over all these years to come. We might as well see a newly crafted Batman but, he won’t be the way he was with Christian Bale.

Well, that surely is going to be toast of an argument over who is a better Batman?

But, do they not all teach us something ethereal.

‘To be a better man.’ Yeah, absolutely.

Here is my dedicated to all those Batman fans who have an attitude of selflessness in them. The attitude of never expecting in the name helping. The attitude of ‘always being yourself’.

Note: *If someone ever asks you, what’s the best thing Saiz has ever written? Read this poem to them. Please*
*Well I heard, ‘Blogs don’t die. People do. *winks*

Here it is:

So await the resurrection…
and let them know
the stories of his destruction
as their children grow.

Let them know that day never came
for which he longed until death’s shame.
The day when people would realise
what all he did for them were no lies.
The day when people won’t bore
grudges against him anymore.
The day when the sun’s lighter
would shine a little brighter.
The day he would smile
just a little longer.
The day his words sail
across the architecture.
The day when he would stop dying
all those numerous deaths
at the hands of humiliation
and hatred off their breaths.

Let them know that
no one ever felt for him.

Let them know how
he was isolated to disavow.

Let them understand how it dread
when he moaned every night at bed
and supressed his bullied bellows
to escape the narrowest chances
of letting his mother know.

Let them feel how
he noticed it all
from keeping a distance
from each one of those
who disrupted and devoured his heart.

Let them encounter the truth
that no one ever embellished
butterflies in their bellies
when they heard his name.

Let them remember how he was disdained
not only in matters of misfortunes and gain,
but also when he refused to explain.

Let them sing chorus of his name
as long as their voices
don’t get stuck in their throats.

Let them cry their hearts out
when the winds turn
archaic to the sailors.

Let them bury
the soil into the skies.

Let them cover
the rivers with the clouds.

Let them shroud
the thunders with their pain.

Let them find directions
by the crisp of the soft breezes in rain.

Let them run down the maps
over their sweet, fruity little palms.

And let them skin their souls wild
and breach out all the laws of humanity.

And let them realise
that their ‘Hero’ will be long dead,

because He was not God.

Just the Batman thingy.
Just the Batman thingy.




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3 thoughts on “A Poem for ‘The Batman’ fans!

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    1. Absolutely. He was the Batman, who started a revolutionary attitude the Batman should possess. There’s no denying the fact.
      But, with the use of modern technologies, Christian Bale does is so perfectly.

      Liked by 1 person

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