Forgive Yourself Too: Before Dying

“No?” I asked.

She enhanced her sighs with a lot more sailable insights of her essence. That which filled innocuous truths into her lungs on such dreary nights. She was more than alive by that part of the night. She could feel him touching her hair strands and notching them at her cheeks from the back of her ears though he was miles away. He loved playing with them while he laid on her lap.

But, that was when he drooled out of her dreams. “But, what makes you so relieved?” She asked in a mellifluous voice that kept him in awe for a while.

“You often stayed wide awake all night thinking about how you’d not be able to change your heart that traces no essence of her. But, tonight is so different. What struck your heart this time?” She overdid her voice and I…I was a mere liberator of my emotions. A drop of tear rolled out of my eyes and drenched a warmth to my side of the lips. She was looking at it right through it course of travel. Maybe she was waiting for it to drop at the inner part of my lower lip. That would have given her more delicate objectivity of making me understand that it’s all sour and salty here. Love, when assorted with the wrong remembrance shall always lead to astray. And it shall never be as sweet as your heart needs to be.

Her saying this made me more amiable and the proliferation of fortunes that were about to sweep into the back of my mind were twinkled in my heart this very time.

The clock made a blunt sound the moment the two hands surpassed each other for the very first time into my notice.

“You’ll be okay. She said with a winsome smile. “I know Mom. I know everything. But, this heart. What should I do of it?”

She blinked for quite a while and whispered, “I love you my son.”

I love you too Mom, I said as I rolled myself into a deep sleep.”


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