She was back. Again.

“What is more delicate?
Blood through the veins
or Ink on paper?
You already know my choice.”

I wanted to erase it but, I ended up pressing the send button. I underwent a dyslexia of emotions rummaging through the deepest roots of my heart and still survived the shock. 

“What will she be thinking right now? Will she discover what I’m about to go through? I hope not”, I traversed my thoughts for a while before throwing myself at the bed.

I turned my phone’s profile to silent and sneakily switched on vibration. I smiled at myself. And placed the phone under my pillow.

I had this habit of neglecting a lot of things that didn’t concern me. But, I did get affected by things that needed to be left behind for sure. With that fond memory of mine, I’ll take you into a moment sublime.

I woke up from the dream. And smiled to myself with ‘She was back. Again.’ Well, she was mine in my dreams. And she was mine, was only a dream.

I closed my eyes again. Placed her right infront of me and asker her, “Whereto Ma’am?” Entwining her fingers with mine she whispered, “Your arms.” I chuckled and placed her head on my chest and led my heartbeats sing chorus of her name.

Blatantly I conveyed all the secrets I thought I had. I gave voices to feelings that were buried deep. And that moment when I thought_ ‘this is it’, everything was brought down to nothingness. It didn’t last long. But, then every person I met knew something about me that I did not. So, now when I read to you the Secrets of my Diary, I want you to understand how does the thoughts emerge. I want you to know, the writer is not the lone sufferer but, the lover is too.

Because in the end,

“I’ve been telling my heart,
Not to be afraid.
Feelings do change.
Memories do fade.
And when life ends,
‘The Heart Understands’.”



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