How did you become a Poet?

Quandaries, amidst the candle lit nights
Despite the ashes turning their plights
For the fire, the rage, and the zest were poured
Frightened the demons, graver I roared
The blood with the rain reverberated to relish
The tears were all that were needed to diminish

Revelations of long-lost ‘Leap of faith’
On that very another day with the ‘Angel of Death’
I remember how my face anonymously melted
When half-drawn arrows down-right pelted
In the chamber of my heart
Outclassed as a mere art
Maybe, perhaps, but, I’m not sure,
Phrases, idioms, Nazi with metaphor
I upsurged a poet in a world too bore
But, I was ‘Alive No More’.


S a i z


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