Forgive me, oh Lord!

Strange, eh? Why ask forgiveness on a blog post and let the world know about the same?

Well, let’s first talk about ‘forgiveness of what’.

So, I guess have committed some gruesome sins with regards to my blog. To name a few:

  1. I left my blog to rot.
  2. I procrastinated my blog’s three-year anniversary.
  3. I procrastinated my updates on five-month YouTube performances as an Urdu Poet.
  4. I haven’t yet disclosed how and why ‘my beard is longer than my hair’.
  5. I haven’t blogged about how Coffee and I don’t get along well anymore.
  6. I haven’t written about the new brands of shoes I blessed my rack with.

and a zillion lot more I have got to share. Forgive me, please!!!

So, yeah. I am coming back. Finallyyyyyyy.
I have had enough of my drafts warming the bench. It’s time for a showdown in the middle.

*my typing skills are like…Where are you now? I have faded*
*weeps like a one year old* :“`(

Saiz (*that’s my pen name kid*)

5 thoughts on “Forgive me, oh Lord!

Add yours

  1. Yayyyyy, I’m so happy that I found your blog today. 😛 You said you’re back, but you still haven’t blogged about coffee or beard or your shoes, I want to read all of it, huh. 😿 This is cheating na.


      1. Oh I made it private..
        Things happened.
        Life happened.
        I just.. didn’t wanna keep my heart up for showcase anymore I guess..
        I had made a farewell post and left it up for a period of 2 months I think.
        Then I made it private.

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