Feels of my ‘Never Again!’

Once someone is gone, they are gone. Or even if they haven’t, and they just said that they will be gone, trust me, they have already gone. You can’t change that. They can’t change that. Even if they come back, or they change their minds of not leaving, they won’t be the same. Things can never be the same. It just can’t be.

In this life, everything happens once. This moment, right here, right now, is never coming again the same.

The weather, the shape and hues of the clouds, the pace of the wind, and every single phenomena all together cannot conspire to uphold that moment of the past. It’s just that. You can’t feel the same way again. Even if it were for only a split of a second. That’s how things are. What’s done, can’t be undone. It is that way. God, has put it that way. That’s how it is. Understand.

With all these feelings, with all these desires, will all these mights, you can only love someone once. It just won’t happen again.

You shall love less than that.
Or even greater than that.
But, just not like that.
That is that!


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