Feels of My ‘4:00AM YOU’

You can’t tell. And that’s amazing yet, strange. You can’t tell what people maybe going through. You just can’t. You may see them smiling around, talking like they are okay and that nothing has changed but, they maybe dying inside. They maybe empty already. There are people in their lives for who they might mean the world. That’s why they are trying to breath like nothing’s wrong. Act like everything’s same. But, when they are alone with their sufferings, they end up screaming and outbursting with tears. But, you can’t tell. Because the other moment when you knock on their door, you might see them drying their face with a towel at their disposal as if they just took a shower asking you to come and have a chair while they try to wipe off their tears and be presentable again.

For years, they had lived their lives like they didn’t need anyone’s love and definitely not of a particular person. They had kept themselves away from such flings for as long as they could. But, then one day someone knocked at their portal of life. Someone with innocence lurking out of their face. Someone with the heart of a gem. Someone who has also been afraid of falling in love with the wrong person. They talk to them about life’s ends. They talk to them with the genuineness of their hearts and that how funny they two really sound. They also start enjoying their presences and the madness surmounting them both. All for nothing but, one moment of sunshine amidst the storm. And here, the storm, the dark clouds are the sole realities. There’s no sunshine afterwards. But, they know not.

That’s our story. Where we had to part though we did not want to. And that was the hardest thing I was dealing with downright that moment. But, everything unspoken between us brought about a million reasons of misunderstanding and frustration. I tried hard to give in but, I failed miserably; and my heart was not ready to give up on you. So, it gave up on me. Because my love for you was true but, I wasn’t. I failed you. I am sorry.


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