Story of a Poet: #51. I don’t miss you.

I wait for you,
when the stars dim their lights
when the sun does not arrive
when I succumb to the nights
and when it’s hard to survive.

I pray for you,
when my eyes fill with love,
when the darkness surrounds,
when Allah raises me above,
and when the tears know no bounds.

I wait for you,
to wake up within me in vain
to sing me whispers in the rain

Your nights are not sleepless
Your heart is not boundless
Your hair are no more careless
but, a thought of mine makes you restless.
Your feelings are not one to distress
but, those dreams you still caress.

You are not okay at conversing with strangers
but, you’ve already considered me your friend.
Although love fetches us there where life endangers
I’ll wait for you…until and beyond world’s end.

I’ll wait for you
I’ll wait forever
Until you come
I’ll die never

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