Feels of My Hopes

And one fine day, you won’t have to feel miserable. You won’t have to beg for love. You won’t have to cry over lost loves. Because one day, someone will walk into your life and this person won’t judge you straightaway. Someone will try all of one’s might to understand you. Someone will find out that you’ve not always been this way. This, toxic way. This depressed state, these broken thoughts, these silent cries, these screams and bellows are but, a gift you didn’t ask for but, had to keep. And that you had been a jovial person in the past. And that you used to imbibe positivism and spread smiles on everyone’s faces. That, once upon a time, you were beyond circumstantial concepts of love and hatred. Someone will know it all. Someone will look straight into your eyes, even beyond the lingering corneal depths and retrieve all the soaked drops you watered your eyes with, only in the hope that years later, something fruitful will flourish through them. And this one person will tell you that you deserve to be loved. And that they understand what made this depressed state of your heart. And that why there’s so much pain afflicted through you heart. They will know that you were hated for no reason at all. They will contemplate that you had been blamed for every wrong that happened to people. And they will also know that with all the hatred directed towards you, you kept quiet. You turned so quiet that the screams weren’t audible to you even. And that you bore all the hatred in your heart thinking you don’t have to hate them back. But, what you did not know back then was_ this hatred will engulf your bloody heart. It will consume you from within and take away all the positivity life liberated you into. But they will understand everything. They will know that you hate sympathies because it makes you weak. And they won’t pity your condition but, instead tell you that _ “You were better off before. I wish I had met you before.”

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