#1. laboN pe zikr mere ho

Kaash kabhi aesi bhii _ Koii Tasbeeh meri ho
Labon pe zikr mere ho _ Aur Ungliyaan teri ho

Mujhe woh pal toh lauta do _ Jinmein shafqat teri ho
Fanaa ho jaayein dooriyaan _ Fakat yehi dua meri ho

Harr lamha aah bharta haii _ Koii toh tasveer teri ho
Tum toh aaina dekh lete ho _ Kamii mehsoos jo meri ho

Tujhse milna, mil ke bichhadna _ Is khel mein jeet teri ho
Saza kaa mustahiq fir bhi hoon _ Chaahe wo, ‘zindagi’ hi kyun na meri

Urdu Script:

Hindi Script:


I wish there be a string of beads, of prayers to surmount
Remembrance on my lips and fingers be yours to count

Imbibe in me those moments, your cosset be a component
Aloofness be deceased;  This implore I ask Him bent

Every bit of mine sighs; Leastwise be yours a picture
You substantially attend a reflector, my emptiness feels you whenever 

Converging in you and then parting, May you win this game
Worthy of this guilt I’ll still be; Even if my life be the cause, to name

31 thoughts on “#1. laboN pe zikr mere ho

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        1. I understand your confusion. Let me help.
          There is not word called ‘Mijaz’.
          The word is ‘Majaz’, which means lawful, or competent.
          And Mizaj means temper, or temperament.

          I hope that relieves you off the confusion. (:

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    1. Urdu is one such language that has clutches you want to stay in. Iy gives an ethereal feeling.
      A never ending one.
      Thank you so much. ☺
      I am really glad that you loved it.

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  1. alhumdulilah vry beutiful but I do hv doubt bro… no doubt starting lines are mesmerizing. But isn’t it wrong to say or read tasbeeh of some other person except Allah or Prophet Muhammed saaw. I know your intentions are not wrong or may be I could also be wrong.

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    1. You misinterpreted the context sister.
      May be my errand. I am so sorry to not be clear. 😦
      I actually meant that the way we do zikr upon our fingers,, in the same way the husband does the zikr of Allah and His Messenger , but upon her wife’s fingers. (counting upon her wife’s fingers.
      PS: I just wanted to bring in the romance with the context of Deen, and nothing else.)
      I really hope you get the real context. Now. 🙂
      This was in fact dedicated to you. Needless to mention that indeed! I know that you know I am a ‘romantic writer’. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ohh subhan allah…nice…very nice. I thought tasbeeh of wife’s name in her finger..loll.
        I’m humbled that you dedicated to me and offcourse no doubt you are a romantic writer and for your info I’m a romantic reader. 🙂

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  2. Wow…. this is beautiful.. I don’t know Urdu, so kind of missed meanings of few words here and there.. but still the words I did understand blew me off! 😉 I think I do admit!! “I ain’t sorry for staying on your blog”! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t know Urdu? Are you kidding me?
      Alien ho? 😛
      Anyway, you should have read the English part side by side to get the actual meaning.
      I told ya! There are still more of those waiting your arrival to blow you off. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. nahi yaar.. mujhe sirf Hindi aathi hain aur mein ek typical malayalee hoon! 😉 Hindid samjthi aur bolth hoon ye ek plus point hogi mere liye!! 😛
        In sha Allah lemme read that agn.. am tryn to figure the meanings out anyways! 😉 I am a curious person u see! 😛 ohh really? lol!! 😛

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    1. The translation is not just to convey the meaning, but its a poetry in its own way.
      The thing is it just gets shadowed by the scintillation of Urdu scripts.
      Thanks a lot for letting me know that you felt it. Means a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Yes it is, but one thing that I tell myself, (well my friend told me to try this) is.. you don’t have to be consciously better, or even perfect. Just try your level best and watch the magic happen 🙂

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