Ahmad is a poet-turned-full-time SEO content writer based in New Delhi, India. He is a lover of English literature and refuses to call himself a grammar Nazi, and instead calls making grammatical errors-“socially unacceptable”.
He loves writing to the extent that apart from having a personal blog and writing poetry on Instagram for over 6 years, he opted to make a career in content writing.

After completing his B Tech and MBA, he didn’t fancy the conventional job options. So, he decided to follow his passion for writing.

He wasn’t getting any job opportunities in content writing when he started looking back in May 2021. So he chose the 1st job he was offered for $250 dollars a month. But it was hard to survive in a different city with his hard-earned money without depending upon his parents.

That’s when he chose to freelance to earn a few extra bucks and gain a broader perspective of various industries. He believes, “Learning is an art. And every Learning has an Earning in it.”

He’s getting married in November, so his sole objective is to settle on a good job for the long term.

Let’s begin with a few of my favourite (maybe best) works:

B2B Brands(at my first organisation) that I’ve worked with to generate organic traffic and leads.

Writing and proofreading branded B2B content for marketing promotions—blogs, mailers, landing pages, website pages, video scripts, etc.—to generate organic traffic and leads.

Freelance Projects

The Indian Couture Logo
Ahmad has developed long-form content(blogs and web pages) and short-form content(social media banners and captions, and product descriptions). Ahmad has also worked on our content strategies to boost organic growth.

House of Begum's Logo
Ahmad has developed all the visible content on the website of the House of Begum’s (HOB). Ahmad has portrayed his versatility from creating website pages and designs in consultation with our web developer to running campaigns on our social media channels.

Responsible for creating, managing, and curating content to achieve business goals.

Working as a Freelance Writer for Infinizi Consulting Pvt. Ltd. since January 2021.
Here are some of my quality works in different domains and styles of writing that showcase my versatility.

And lastly, as much as I love writing because of my passion, I was lucky to be a part of and work with the marketing team. Thus, I got to work closely with the SEO, Graphic Designing, and Social Media teams and use and apply tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, Mailchimp, Lucky Orange, etc.