Prize Darts Award!

This is my 5th and 6th award. Four awards in just two days. Not bad, Mr Saiz. *biting lips* Let's begin with the proceedings. 😉 I have been nominated for this award by a classically astonishing and humorous blogger Mahaah Azeem (Heyy! Thanks for that award pic.) and an equally distinct, prolific, auteur of words, revels17. If you haven’t already... Continue Reading →


Okay, so this is my 3rd award. Received the other two in just seven months; and bagged the third after a really time  in an immortal, everlasting, never-ending, 7 months plus 3 days. Wooshhh...What a unique achievement! Eh..Let's begin then. 😉 A very proficient blogger Khushboo Singh nominated me for this beautiful award. Whatever is it... Continue Reading →

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