She Lied. For me, she died?

She lied. For me, she died? Oh, she lied that she cried. I didn't know Love. But, my heart skipped a beat whenever I heard someone even say, "I love her." Because it reminded me of you. The way you used to tell me through various ways of yours that you loved me. And that... Continue Reading →

A Poem for ‘The Batman’ fans!

When you hear the name 'Batman', what's the first thing that strikes your mind? 'The Movie'? Gawd. That's nice but, you got to understand what I'm trying to ask. Intelligence? Yeah, to some. But, to me, it's the whole world of selflessness. It's rare. Very, very rare in today's world. That's why. I like rare... Continue Reading →

Two years on WordPress!

Yes, you got it right. Spot on. I survived for two prolonged years on WordPress. You heard me, right? And you heard me right! Let's get started with a Thank You as per the regulations say. A "Thank  You" note from the bottom of my heart to every soul that has ever read even a... Continue Reading →

Part 2-3 Days 3 Quote- Day 1

Greetings to Zehera Owais of Hubbhalal for nominating me. I was nominated by some more people long back in time, and unfortunately I don't remember their names. So, sorry about it. Here's the link to the last time I did this 3 Days-3 Quote challenge for Day-1. There are some very extra-ordinary quotes that you... Continue Reading →

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