Ahmad is a poet who is a full-time content writer based in New Delhi. He is a lover of English literature and refuses to call himself a grammar Nazi, and instead calls making grammatical errors-“socially unacceptable”.
He loves copywriting to such an extent that apart from having a personal blog and writing poetry on Instagram for over 6 years, he opted to make a professional career in content writing.

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Let’s begin with a few of his favourite (maybe best) works:


Street Food Hub is a restaurant I co-founded and handled all it marketing promotions during my MBA program. Specialising in Marketing helped me gain and practice the required skills. I also wrote banners and captions for its Instagram handle.

Freelance Projects

Ahmad has developed all the visible content on the website of House of Begum’s (HOB). From website pages and their layout to campaigns, Ahmad has portrayed his versatility.

Ahmad is responsible for creating, managing, and curating website content to achieve the business goals.

Ahmad has worked as a Freelance Writer for Infinizi Consulting Pvt. Ltd. since January 2021.
Here are some of his quality works in different domains and styles of writing that showcase my versatility.

And lastly, as much as he loves writing because of his passion, in the current job he was lucky to be a part of and work with the marketing team. Thus, he got to work closely with the SEO team, Graphics Designing team, Social Media team, and also use and apply tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, Mailchimp, Lucky Orange, etc.