Feels of My Instinct

There's a reason my instinct never allows my heart to feel low about things that ain't true. There's a reason why I feel too much. I want to feel that feeling of being loved, being desired and beyond all the circumstantial feelings of this tryst between us, I want someone to look into the corneal... Continue Reading →

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No matter what the reasons be, killing can never be justified. And no matter how harsh the conditions be, a war can never be justified. A must read for every individual living on this planet. Let's talk about World Peace, instead of peace for one's own conscience. Pakistan’s Obsession With Kashmir - http://wp.me/p63Iyg-ut

Feels of My Mind

You are as ordinary as any other person in your life is. Not that you own any superpower, but you just can't own a thing for a long period of time. And success is that which remains forever. Not that which is snatched away at death. Relentless, you think you are the only supreme being... Continue Reading →

Feels of My Unspoken Words

And as I grow old, I grow stronger each day. No matter how many times I see people with raised eyebrows, but I am never stopping doing what needs to be done until when I am satisfied with my perfection. Perfection is a moving target, I still believe in this fact. But, that doesn't assure... Continue Reading →

Feels of my Diary

The thing is that I get demented by the lies of people. I don't want people to sign into their accounts every day to read what I write. I don't want to impress people even. If you are nice to people, be it either through your actions or words, people will get impressed gradually. And... Continue Reading →

The Moon Of My Life!

Oh my God. I’m completely slayed at this poem.

Pearls Of A Hijabi Muslimah!

1382631850667990I looked at the sky above,

To find the beauty of the moon shine with Love.

The feel of being lonely had fled,

As within my heart your face had spread!


Looking at the moon made me shy,

Flooding memories when we were eye to eye.

Under the moon on the balcony I stood,

At midnight smiling seeing you in hood.


Those days the light shone on us,

But today it’s directed on me alone with no fuss.

As the darkness of your depart engulfed,

Thinking of those long lasting promises, I sniffed.


Realization struck like thunder, why this fool?

When I’m rewarded with memories of The Rasool!

The one who brought the light to my mind,

Infact, the words of God to whole of humankind!


The one who was of striking appearance,

With radiance eliminated, from his face in brilliance.

When he was silent, his…

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