Secrets of My Diary: #17.~ Atheism or Strategic Disbelief ? ~

Allah is The Greatest! That's my first belief of Islam that Allah is The Greatest because it's important to stay focused on one God as our Creator in order to have faith in our existence. We have been created and that's for sure. If we were to come in this world by our own will... Continue Reading →

Finding Verities: #2. What is Namaz(Salah)?

Salah is an invocation and submission to: Allah (Sub'haa_nahu Wa Ta_aa'la means May he be glorified and exalted"). Salah is a method to purify oneself of the sins one commits. Salah is bowing low before Allah(S.W.T.) so that one should not be proud of his stature because of the worldly affairs. Salah is devoting oneself... Continue Reading →

Finding Verities: #1. What is Imaan (Faith)?

Imaan is that feeling of one's heart with which he/she remembers Allah. Many people remember Allah but not everybody has the same feeling. That means a few feel more and a few, less,and a few doesn't even care about how they feel. That surely represents how much you're in love with Allah. For instance being good... Continue Reading →

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