Secrets of My Diary: #16. ~A few things left unsaid.~

There are always things which you can't tell your parents. And if you don't have a sister then it's never going to be easy. There's no one who can understand. The only choice left is to keep such thoughts deep down into your heart so that it's effect doesn't create an ache to your soul.... Continue Reading →

Secrets of My Diary: #12. ~My MoMDaD~

There is no Replacement of 'em! Everything; almost everything has got a replacement somewhere down the stall. But, the sweetest desires of love are never to befall. Resistance from them is the shortcut to paradise hereafter. For it lies in the dark, and Allah knows better. _Saiz

Secrets of My Diary: #8. ~I Still Care~d

I once cared. I once cared about my hankie being of adequate dimensions to gradually fit in my trouser's right scoop with a little portion of it tilting outwards. I authentically used to iron it pressing hard upon every fold to reduce its thickness so that every time I'd take it out on a sneeze... Continue Reading →

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