Finding Verities: #3. Being Sad For No Reason?

*inspired post* I wanted to write upon 'being sad for no reason' but turned out the other way around. And before I begin, let me acknowledge, until you read the last word you won't be able to comprehend the truth of this blog post. Sometimes it happens that whatever you think of turns out to... Continue Reading →

Prize Darts Award!

This is my 5th and 6th award. Four awards in just two days. Not bad, Mr Saiz. *biting lips* Let's begin with the proceedings. 😉 I have been nominated for this award by a classically astonishing and humorous blogger Mahaah Azeem (Heyy! Thanks for that award pic.) and an equally distinct, prolific, auteur of words, revels17. If you haven’t already... Continue Reading →

Lovely Blogger Award!

And see, this is my fourth award. Getting popular I think! Just day by day now. Wow. All thanks to coffee. 😛 First of all, a very huge thank you to Hiba from The Ramblings of a Muslim Girl  for this "Lovely" nomination. 😛 I am so glad that you went through my blog and in no time made... Continue Reading →


Okay, so this is my 3rd award. Received the other two in just seven months; and bagged the third after a really time  in an immortal, everlasting, never-ending, 7 months plus 3 days. Wooshhh...What a unique achievement! Eh..Let's begin then. 😉 A very proficient blogger Khushboo Singh nominated me for this beautiful award. Whatever is it... Continue Reading →


I got nominated for this beautiful award by farheen siddiqui. Jazak Allah Khair, Sister. Only my second award in seven months. I am so very sorry. I don't know how I missed out upon this. Its been over a month to when I received it. Only Allah knows. 🙂 Lets start with the one who... Continue Reading →

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