Secrets of My Diary: #10. ~Remember Me~

It's better late than never happened before! Get ready for the day of resurrection and prepare yourself to face Allah Sub'han Awata'ala. Start with asking forgiveness from Him. He is Al_Ghafoor, The Perfectly Forgiving. He will surely forgive. The next step is not to miss your Salah. That will pave your way to Islah. Learn... Continue Reading →

Secrets of My Diary: #8. ~I Still Care~d

I once cared. I once cared about my hankie being of adequate dimensions to gradually fit in my trouser's right scoop with a little portion of it tilting outwards. I authentically used to iron it pressing hard upon every fold to reduce its thickness so that every time I'd take it out on a sneeze... Continue Reading →


I got nominated for this beautiful award by farheen siddiqui. Jazak Allah Khair, Sister. Only my second award in seven months. I am so very sorry. I don't know how I missed out upon this. Its been over a month to when I received it. Only Allah knows. 🙂 Lets start with the one who... Continue Reading →

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