Alive No More!

As you grow old you start to forget two things: First, who you were. Second, I don't remember. But, well!  How does 'Sad' really feel like? Is 'old' really 'sad'? If sad was a person, would you not pity on his condition or hers? Does it not worry you to find out people don't feel... Continue Reading →

Secrets of My Diary: #10. ~Remember Me~

It's better late than never happened before! Get ready for the day of resurrection and prepare yourself to face Allah Sub'han Awata'ala. Start with asking forgiveness from Him. He is Al_Ghafoor, The Perfectly Forgiving. He will surely forgive. The next step is not to miss your Salah. That will pave your way to Islah. Learn... Continue Reading →

Story of a Poet: #13. ~I wish they did!~

It's never a delusion of time and distance That leads us into atmosphere of glory, But that which has parted completes the story. Feelings do change, memories do fade, But there is only one jack of spades. I miss the old which I know Won't ever be the same, And most importantly longing behind is... Continue Reading →

Story of a Poet: #4. Back in Time-To December

Whenever the cool breeze strike my cheeks With an abrupt fear among the geeks I tactile its lingering awesomeness Beyond the shredded barrenness Beautification of which causes me a mime And I go back to December all the time. Whenever clouds roar amidst hailstorms To wake the buds off their norms With that atmosphere of... Continue Reading →

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