Andaaz e Bayaan #7. Woh shakhs kya sochta hoga

And here is the Urdu Version Woh shakhs kya sochta hoga_Main sochta hun kabhi-kabhi Woh kisse mujhe puchhta hoga_Main sochta hun kabhi-kabhi Mujhse khwabo.n mein milne ki chaahat_Usay jagaaye rakhti hoti Woh kaise raato.n ko sota hoga_Main sochta hun kabhi-kabhi Woh bhi shayad namaazo.n mein_Rota hoga raato.n ko Kaash iss dil ke bhi aansuu hote_Main... Continue Reading →

Story of a Poet: #4. Back in Time-To December

Whenever the cool breeze strike my cheeks With an abrupt fear among the geeks I tactile its lingering awesomeness Beyond the shredded barrenness Beautification of which causes me a mime And I go back to December all the time. Whenever clouds roar amidst hailstorms To wake the buds off their norms With that atmosphere of... Continue Reading →

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